Meet Our Meat

Our speciality is our award winning ham and bacon which we pride ourselves on curing and smoking all our smallgoods in house.  We still smoke all our products the ‘old fashioned’ way with natural hardwood, giving our products a beautiful aroma and flavour which will keep you coming back for more. 


100% Australian born and bred, we like to select our cattle from the Northern Rivers of NSW where the cattle roam free and are hormone, growth promotent free.


100% grass fed from lush pastures of Tasmania and Victoria where the climate is perfect for the best tasting lamb.


100% Australian Pork direct from QLD farmers using growers who are sow stall free accredited. Proud advocate for the APL where we will continue to fight against imported pork for the survival of our local farmers.

Bone in Leg Ham

Traditionally ‘old fashioned’ wood smoked ham.  Gluten and allergen free. An award winning favourite!


Traditionally woodsmoked bacon. Gluten and allergen free.

Select – Lean full rasher of bacon

Rindless – Rind removed a favourite for cafes & restaurants

Beef Brats

Smoked beef brats. No fillers. Gluten and allergen free.

Gourmet pork and herb sausage

Succulent gourmet sausage, nice blend of herbs with a course texture in a natural casing.

Beef & Pork Snags

A family favourite for weekend barbecues. These are available in bulk or smaller quantities and are now Gluten Free. 


Deli style platter kabana, a mix of the right spices available in plain or cheese.

Boneless leg Ham

Traditionally woodsmoked, perfect for slicing for sandwiches or platters. Available with rind on (natural) or rind off (no fat coverage). This product is also Gluten Free

Smoked Chicken

Our whole smoked chickens are a summer favourite, cured, smoked and cooked… these are delicious hot or cold, on a sandwich or in salads with the perfect balance of smokiness.

Gillys smoked Chicken

Pork & Parsley Chipolatas

A breakfast favourite these pure pork sausages are pre-cooked & have a hint of salt and parsley to enjoy as a part of your breakfast. They are gluten free….only using pork & spices to create the perfect flavour.

Smoked Kransky / Continental Sausage

Made by our own flieshmister George who has learnt his craft in Europe and brings this tradition to Gilly’s creating a beautiful range of European specialties.

Cooked Corned Silverside

Cured using Gilly’s own gluten free cure this product is made from tender beef giving you the perfect flavour and eating quality.

Sliced Leg Ham

Traditionally woodsmoked,  sliced and packaged  for your convenience.  Perfect for platters and sandwiches. Gluten and allergen free.

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